Welcome to  Broomhill Fishery 

Welcome to Broomhill Coarse Fishery, please read all the rules & information before fishing.
Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Bream, Skimmers & Tench.
Please note that you must be accompanied by an Adult if under 16 years of age.
You must pay for your ticket day permit before fishing.
Fishery only Pellets to be used.
No Dogs allowed.
Fishing rules:
1. You must fish off a peg.
2. No keep nets except in Matches with the exception of club members.
3. All fish must be netted.
4. Only 1 Rod or Pole to be used at any one time.
5. Barbless hooks only max size 12.
6. No balling in, all feed must be fed via pole cup/catapult.
7. 4" Minimum hook length on all feeders.
8. All feeders must be running rigs.
9. Method feeders have to be fished via a Rod.
10. 20" maximum hook length if fishing a zig rig.
11. No floating baits.
12. No floating the pole, fishing the rattler or tapping the
water or any similar devices.
13. No bait boats or any other fish finding devices.
14. No Braid.
15. Any pegs facing the Island plus all margins will have markers on them please keep in your own area.
16. Do not throw your unused groundbait into the water after fishing, particles are allowed.
17. No fish to be unhooked on the ground must be done whilst on the peg/platform.
18. Fish can only be photographed by a member of staff or any match member.
19. When matches are on please do not approach the anglers.
20. If you have a Radio on keep the volume down low enough so it cant be heard from the next peg.
21. No shouting, swearing or abusive language.
22. Please check with the Fishery regarding Match fishing on Sundays.
23. Put your rubbish in the bins provided.
Management can & will ask you to leave the Fishery if you are breaking any Rules.
1. Fishery only pellets to be used
2. No boillies whole/crushed or Nuts.
3. Only 1 kg of groundbait per angler.
4. Luncheon Meat/Paloney to be used on the hook NO feeding of any meat allowed.
5. No Blood worm/joker except in matches/practice.
6. If using Bread it must be punched.
7. No liquidise baits allowed.
8. No PVA bags
9. No Trout pellets.
10. No Cat meat.
1. 6 hour matches in the Summer.
2. 5 hour matches in the Winter.
3. 3.5 hour matches on Summer Friday nights.
4. 2 Keep nets to be used supplied by the Fishery for only £1 (silvers/carp).
5. If more than 15 people are booked in on a Sunday for a Match the Fishery will be closed until after the Match.
6. Up to 15 people Adults only (no Kids) will be allowed to fish from allocated pegs.
7. Place the weigh sling in the water when returning the fish (DO NOT RETURN FROM HEIGHT).
8. Weigh in will be conducted from allocated individuals.
9. Small boillies can be used on the hook only (match).
10. You must not cast to the Island from Pegs 1 or 2.
Broomhill fishery
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